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Our professionals specialize in micro loan approval and can analyze your application through your online profile in less than 60 minutes. Everything can be done quickly from the moment you have completed the form on our website and submitted all the documents relating to the approval of your file. The process is fast, secure and saves you a lot of travel. We validate your personal information with the form and your bank details with the IBV system (instant bank verification). Since everything is done online, this cuts down on response time and allows you to quickly receive the contract stipulating the amount of the loan granted as well as details for repayments. All you have to do is read all the clauses and sign the contract electronically for us to send you your loan by interac transfer. You can also follow the progress of your loan via your profile.

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Without document, it’s fast

By applying for the micro loan online, the application is done without documents and makes the whole process much faster. Indeed, by completing the form and submitting all the necessary documents in your profile on our website, we can validate your ability to pay within one hour and send you the contract to be signed electronically. You no longer need to wait for a paper contract in the mail, you will be able to read it in its entirety within an hour and return it to us electronically signed over the Internet. We can then quickly deposit your loan into your bank account , the same account that has been verified with the IBV system. And refunds will be taken from the same bank account on your next micro. So there will be no possible mistakes and no lost checks. No more hassle to do all the tracking.

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You can be assured of the confidentiality of your loan application, regardless of the amount. We protect your personal information as well as your banking data. Completing the form online ensures that there are no paper documents that could be picked up by malicious people. In addition, since all mandatory documents must be submitted in your online profile, you will not risk leaving them lying around for all to see and you will not have to find a private place to print and fax your application, thus ensuring a total confidentiality. Our website is SSL certified, the highest level of protection that keeps transactions secure using 256-bit encryption. By applying for your micro loan through our online form, you are assured of a confidential and secure environment, minimizing the risk of fraud and identity theft.

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Last update May 13th 2021 | Author Prêt ABC