Loan of $ 750

A loan of $ 750 in money can prevent the unexpected from making your situation worse. For example, your car needs immediate repairs so that you can get to your workplace. We all know that having your car repaired, or just getting new tires, is often expensive and unpleasant. If you cannot pay for the repairs, you will no longer be able to work and thereby you will lose all source of income. It will then be all your personal finances that will be at risk, not to mention your credit rating. This is where the $ 750 micro loan can make your life easier. You will not need to send us the estimate from your mechanic. Simply fill out the online form. You will be able to return to work quickly without fear of the worst for your financial situation: you will not have bad credit.

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Payday loan of $ 750 - Prêt ABC

Quick loan

Most of the time, you need your micro loan quickly, or even the same day. Especially when it comes to paying for repairs to your vehicle. You will be relieved to see how quickly we approve your loan. We have an online form that allows you to create your profile. You will then need to submit the documents necessary for our assessment in your online profile which is 100% secure thanks to the SSL certificate, the most widely used security protocol for securing connections and any exchange of confidential information without forgetting the online banking transactions.

You will then receive a prompt response for your loan of money, within 60 minutes. The $ 750 loan will then be sent, if approved, by interac transfer to the email address provided in your request. This will allow you to pay for your unforeseen quickly and easily. You can ride peacefully.

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Repayment of your loan

We offer flexibility in repaying your loan. We calculate the repayment of your $ 750 loan during our evaluation of your file and offer you a minimum amount to pay according to your payroll frequency. For example:

  • - 15 weekly payments of $74.82. Your loan is repaid in 15 weeks.
  • Or
  • - 8 bi-weekly payments of $140.28. Your loan is repaid in 16 weeks.
Please note that this information is provided only as an example for a loan of $ 750, as calculations vary depending on the brokerage fees for each file. However, you can increase your amounts paid to repay your loan faster. You'll pay less interest, without any penalty, by increasing one or more minimum payments.

Read all the terms and conditions relating to the repayment of your loan in the contract before affixing your electronic signature.

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Last update July 5th 2022 | Author Prêt ABC