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A $ 500 micro loan is often all it takes to pay bigger bills than expected when your kids go back to school, the holidays or even your summer vacation. The situation is often momentary so we do not dare to seek advice from those around us. However, if you miss the payment date, you will be stuck with bigger problems, either additional late payment fees or insufficient funds bank charges at your financial institution. You don't want to affect your credit rating for missing a payment. Applying for a $ 500 micro loan is easy, quick and confidential, and will give you peace of mind when something unexpected happens. Your situation will be resolved quickly and you will be able to make your reimbursements more easily.

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Payday loan of $ 500 - Prêt ABC

Quick loan

With our online loan application form you will receive a quick loan of $ 500 in your bank account in your bank account. Nothing could be simpler and easier. Just fill out the online form and submit the necessary documents in your profile. We will be able to confirm your approval within 60 minutes. Our micro loans are a quick way to solve your liquidity problems in addition to being confidential. We don't need any paper documents, because everything is done online. This makes it less likely that others will see your loan application.

We ensure that your $ 500 loan will be deposited directly into your account within 24 hours of request. No more hassle, the quick transfer of your loan will allow you to pay for your unexpected without worrying about running out of money in your bank account.

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Repayment of your loan

The best method of repaying your $ 500 loan is determined during our evaluation of your file. Thus, we could offer you depending on the frequency of your pay:

  • - 13 weekly payments of $57.34. Your loan is repaid in 13 weeks.
  • Or
  • - 7 bi-weekly payments of $106.48. Your loan is repaid in 14 weeks.
Please note that this information is provided as an example only, as calculations vary depending on the brokerage fees for each file.

You also have flexibility in payments, as our loans are not for a fixed term. You can pay off your loan faster, by increasing one or more minimum payments, without any penalties. This allows you to pay less interest.

You will have all the terms and conditions attached to the repayment of your loan in the contract. Read all the clauses carefully before affixing your electronic signature.

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Last update July 5th 2022 | Author Prêt ABC