Loan of $2000

A $ 2,000 cash loan is often needed when you move and need to buy appliances because they are not included in your new home. Whatever your reason for needing this amount, know that we are here to help when all other available solutions have been considered. There will be no questions to find out the reasons for your loan and we will evaluate your request without judgment.

Solve your financial problems with a $ 2,000 micro loan. It's easy, quick and there will be no credit check so there's no risk of affecting your credit rating. Your bad credit will be a thing of the past. Do not make your situation worse by taking out several loans, it will be impossible for us to authorize your loan if you have more than 2 in progress. Please know that we can help you get through this difficult time.

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Payday loan of $2000 - Prêt ABC

Quick loan

You probably need your micro loan quickly, or even the same day. Especially when moving, so as not to lose your food and to be well settled from day one. You will be surprised at how quickly your file is analyzed. We can approve your loan in 60 minutes if you fill out the online form and create your profile. Once all the documents are properly placed in your profile, we proceed to your evaluation. Everything is 100% secure thanks to the SSL certificate which helps keep transactions secure using 256 bit encryption.

You will quickly receive a response for your loan request. The $2 000 loan will be sent within 24 hours,, if approved, by interac transfer to your email address in your application. You can then continue to go about your business and move into your new apartment free from financial stress.

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Repayment of your loan

We calculate the repayment of your $ 2,000 loan during the file evaluation. Minimum payments are then determined based on your payroll frequency. For example:

  • - 25 weekly payments of $121.99. . Your loan is repaid in 25 weeks.
  • Or
  • - 13 bi-weekly payments of $234.57. Your loan is repaid in 26 weeks.
Please note that this information is provided only as an example for a loan of $ 2 000, as the calculations vary depending on the brokerage fees for each file.

We offer flexibility in repaying your loan. You can increase your payments to repay your loan faster. There will be no penalty and you will pay less interest.

As your electronic signature commits you to repay your loan, it is essential that you read all the terms and conditions relating to the repayment of your loan in your contract.

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Last update July 5th 2022 | Author Prêt ABC