Loan of $ 1500

You canapply for a $ 1,500 loan and do absolutely anything you want with the money you borrow: pay off a purchase, make a repair, pay your bills, even take an emergency trip for a death in the family. We will evaluate your application without judging and there will be no questions about the reasons for your loan.

A $ 1,500 cash loan allows you to solve your financial problems by settling all your debts We can help you when all other available solutions have been considered. A loan of this amount also avoids taking out several short-term loans, which could aggravate your financial situation and put you in debt indefinitely. We can help you remedy this difficult financial situation so that everything can be sorted out and you are no longer a bad debt.

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Quick loan

If you've thought about and analyzed your financial situation, you can apply for a quick cash loan online. Our form is designed to get all the information we need to analyze your request without having to perform a credit check. The mandatory documents allow us to ensure that you are 18 years old, reside in Quebec and have been employed for more than 3 months. IBV technology allows us to view your bank statement for the past 90 days and validate that you are paid by direct deposit and that you have not issued more than 2 NSF in the past 60 days.

If all the documents have been submitted to your online profile, we will be able to confirm your quick cash loan within 60 minutes and deposit you $ 1,500 by interac transfer within 24 hours of your request.

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Repayment of your loan

The repayment of your $ 1,500 loan is determined during our evaluation of your file. We set the frequency of your reimbursement according to your employer's pay period. For example, we will choose between :

  • - 21 weekly payments of 108.10$. Your loan is repaid in 21 weeks.
  • Or
  • - 10 bi-weekly payments of 206.36$. Your loan is repaid in 20 weeks.
The amounts presented are provided only as an example for a loan of $ 1,500, as the calculations vary according to the brokerage fees for each file. Note that they indicate the minimum amounts to pay, you can increase the amount of the payments to repay your loan faster. That way, you pay less interest without any penalty. It is important to read all the terms and conditions relating to the repayment of your loan in the contract before affixing your electronic signature.

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Last update July 5th 2022 | Author Prêt ABC