Loan of $ 1 000

You can apply for a $ 1,000 loan without fear of being judged. We will not ask any questions about the reasons requiring your loan. Our micro loans can help you pay your rent for the 1st of the month, even when the 1st of the month is the next day. We understand the stress of not being able to afford the rent, needing a few extra days or even a few weeks. We can make it easier for you by approving a loan of $ 1,000 in cash which will finally solve your financial problems. All without having to go through a credit check or affect your credit rating. Your rent check will not be refused, putting you in a difficult situation with your landlord. Remember, however, that you need to make sure you can make the repayments, which is why it is important to budget well afterwards to plan payments.

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Payday loan of $ 1 000 - Prêt ABC

Quick loan

We're your solution to getting a quick $ 1,000 micro loan into your bank account to prevent the rent check from bouncing. You won't even have to leave your apartment! All you have to do is complete our online loan application form and submit all the mandatory documents in your profile to analyze your request. You will receive a response from us within an hour.

During this hour, we will analyze your ability to repay your loan of $ 1,000 in cash. Everything is confidential and 100% secure. You will then receive, once approved, a $ 1,000 interac transfer sent to your email address in your request.

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Repayment of your loan

When evaluating your file, we determine the best method of repaying your $ 1,000 loan. Thus, depending on the frequency of your payroll, we could offer you as an example:

  • - 17 weekly payments of $88.36. Your loan is repaid in 17 weeks.
  • Or
  • - 9 bi-weekly payments of $166.88. Your loan is repaid in 18 weeks.
This information is provided to you for example purposes only and may vary from file to file depending on brokerage fees. You can also pay off your loan faster without any penalties. By increasing even one of your payments, you'll pay less interest.

Read all the terms and conditions relating to the repayment of your loan when signing the contract electronically. Because your signature commits you to repay your loan.

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Last update July 5th 2022 | Author Prêt ABC